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Dr. Lavine received the prestigious Harold Alfond Sports Medicine Lecture Medal at The 3rd Annual Harold Alfond Sports Medicine Lecture held on September 8, 2004, at the University of New England.

Dr. Lavine's presentation was entilted "Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Aspects of Sports Medicine: Lessons Learned from the Olympics."

The Harold Alfond Sports Medicine Lecture at the University of New England was established in recognition of Harold Alfond's extraordinary role in helping to strengthen the University of New England and advance its educational mission, according to UNE President Sandra Featherman. "Given Harold Alfond's passion for sports and his many generous gifts in support of Maine athletes and athletics, the University named the lecture in his honor."

Dr. Lavine received the prestigious gold medal at the American Osteopathic Association's Annual Conference for his treatment of Apolo Ohno. The following is an excerpt from the AOA Executive Director's Annual Report


Lawrence Lavine, DO has rightly earned some fame for his treatment of Apolo Ohno

during the Winter Olympics last February – but that story is worth more than a gold

medal – it’s a story of one DO’s commitment to his patient, and his responsibility to the

DOs who will come after him.

Responsibility to Future Generations

  1. In fact, Dr. Lavine had been treating Apolo Ohno long before the Olympics.

  2. Apolo returned to Colorado Springs and promptly shattered his own record time.

  3. A very grateful Apolo Ohno credited Dr. Lavine with regaining his gold medal form. Dr.

    Lavine is concerned, however, that the very knowledge he used to heal an Olympic star is in

    danger of disappearing, unless we better educate the next generation of osteopathic


  4. In fact, Dr. Lavine finds time in his busy practice to take on the role of teacher and pass on the legacy of osteopathic medicine.

  5. While Dr. Lavine is aware of the challenges that today’s students, interns and residents face,

    he is also optimistic that the American people are ready for the kind of practice we teach.

Echoing Dr. Lavine’s vision, the AOA is spearheading efforts to improve osteopathic

graduate medical education.

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